Platz – a magical gastronomic gem right on the most beautiful square in Brno

Enter and discover a unique shared food court of 5 different establishments, inspired by the desire to meet friends while eating and drinking, for example, with everyone trying something from a different place – yet you can sit all together at one table.

Under the vertical garden there is the pleasant scent of heath and fern plants, and you can enjoy a morning coffee with a pastry, lunch with a glass of wine or relax with an early evening aperitif. Have a bite to eat, drink, look up and take a wandering look at the wooden porches of the baroque palace. Such a moment is divine. Take it all in and enjoy!

Open every day:

Mikrofarma (9-22), Domovina (11-21), La Piňata (11-22), Buchta C (10-19), Slast bar (16-)