Few houses in Brno can boast a similar story

The year was 1252

At that time, the Cistercian monastery of Studnice Blessed Virgin Mary and the settlement of Žďár (today Žďár nad Sázavou) were founded, and the Cabbage Market, called Horní, also began revitalization. At that time, however, no one had any idea how the fate of these places would intersect in the future.

Almost 300 years later

In 1537, the house of the Lords of Lipá, one of the development buildings around the Cabbage Market, became the property of the Žďár Monastery. The house was owned by the monastery in the years 1705-1738. This was the abbot Václav Vejmluva – an important personality, a supporter of art, culture and architecture, who also initiated the construction of the pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora.

Where did the baroque form come from?

After 1737, the palace under the direction of František Antonín Grimm acquired its late Baroque appearance. The palace remained the property of the monastery until 1784, when the monastery was abolished. And then it began to change owners.

The abbots were replaced by Lídl

For some time, the palace was also owned by the important Brno burgher Philipp Radlische Erben. At the end of the 18th century, there was also the U krásné otrokyně inn in the palace. Finally, in 1904, its new owner, Josef Lídl – a manufacturer of musical instruments, established it as the seat of his company. His instruments have gained recognition and fame not only at home but also abroad.

Return of life to a forgotten palace

A complete reconstruction was required before reopening. The palace had fallen into disrepair for the previous sixty years. And it was not an easy task. Since 1958, the palace has been one of the cultural monuments. We consulted every small intervention with the monument institute. Original Baroque windows, murals or plaster – craftsmen had to pay attention to every detail during the reconstruction. After a long reconstruction it is now completed. And so, at the turn of October and November 2018, the palace opened its gates wide to the public. You are cordially invited!

It’s open

Play a recording of the interview from the show Dobré ráno on Czech Television, in which you will learn:

“We have discovered an old building and we want to build a future on its history.”

We won the construction of the year of the South Moravian Region

In the category Reconstruction of buildings.

We won facade of 2019

In the category Reconstruction of a historical building.


Enjoy, discover, experience

Discover, Enjoy Food and Have Fun

Drop by the ground floor for a coffee or a baguette, or enjoy a water pipe and an exotic cocktail in the intricate underground Slast Bar. The ground floor and cellars are dedicated to relaxation and fun!

Relax and admire

For many years the palace fell into disrepair and was inaccessible. After extensive and meticulous reconstruction, we have made it available to the public once again. Let yourself be enchanted by the 20 m high vertical garden, or rent our baroque fresco hall.

Sleep, live, work

Enjoy a night in a completely different type of hotel than you have ever been to! Or rent an apartment or office at the breathtaking Zelný trh in the center of Brno. Of course there is also a beautiful view of Petrov cathedral and Pálava Protected Landscape Area.