Fresco hall Brno

Fresco hall in Brno for rent

Are you looking to rent conference rooms or rent a hall? Brno and the cabbage market is the right place. You can rent this unique fresco hall for your social event. The conference rooms in their original historical state are absolutely unique and breathtaking, with a unique genius loci.

The conference room is suitable for special occasions such as presentations, gala evenings, conferences, meetings, wedding ceremonies, chamber theater performances, fashion shows and much more.

The hall can be conveniently used as a training area with all facilities and equipment at your disposal. This hall is available to rent all year round, seven days a week. The premises are barrier-free with a maximum capacity of 60-80 people (60 people with a theatrical arrangement in the main hall, the lobby is suitable for a banquet or for about 30 people). As part of your event, we will also prepare fantastic catering for you. If you are considering renting the hall as a training space, the following equipment is available to you: WiFi, sound system, data projector, furniture, lighting, toilets.

The Equipment

  • wifi
  • projection screen
  • lighting
  • furniture
  • toilets
  • barrier-free access
  • vertical garden in atrium
  • view of zelny trh square

The conference room is suitable for

  • presentations
  • gala evenings
  • conferences
  • negotiations
  • wedding ceremonies
  • chamber theater performances
  • fashion shows
  • and many others

Rent the Fresco hall for your event

If you are interested in renting the Fresco hall, feel free to contact us!

+420 604 286 639


Great catering is provided by tried and tested catering companies as well as bistros directly in the palace at Zelny trh 10. We can offer traditional canapés, desserts, selected coffee, also Mexican, Vietnamese or vegetarian specialties

Unforgettable experience in the Fresco hall

If you are interested in renting the Fresco hall, feel free to email
freskovysal@zelnytrh10.cz or call: +420 604 286 639

A Fresco hall with anteroom and background

The hall has a mirror vault with beautiful frescoes on the ceiling and walls. The ceiling is bordered by a profiled stucco frame. The motifs of rocaille, ribbon, grid and acanthus ruins are applied in gray and brownish tones. Around the perimeter of the walls, decorative framed surfaces of figures alternate with diverse landscapes, architecture and figural staffage.

An interview about the Fresco hall with Tomáš Vícha from the National Monuments Institute

*Photo for MILE mag: Lucie Urban.


Enjoy, discover, experience

Discover, Enjoy Food and Have Fun

Drop by the ground floor for a coffee or a baguette, or enjoy a water pipe and an exotic cocktail in the intricate underground Slast Bar. The ground floor and cellars are dedicated to relaxation and fun!

Relax and admire

For many years the palace fell into disrepair and was inaccessible. After extensive and meticulous reconstruction, we have made it available to the public once again. Let yourself be enchanted by the 20 m high vertical garden, or rent our baroque fresco hall.

Sleep, live, work

Enjoy a night in a completely different type of hotel than you have ever been to! Or rent an apartment or office at the breathtaking Zelný trh in the center of Brno. Of course there is also a beautiful view of Petrov cathedral and Pálava Protected Landscape Area.