The Anybody Hotel

Anybody Hotel is the first place of its kind in the world. Directly in Brno, a concept was created combining hotel accommodation with a common, audiovisually elaborate experience for two. In one of 10 original rooms inspired by movies from the 60’s, guests experience an unforgettable couple’s story together with all the comfort that the absolute winner of the prestigious Amazing Places rating has to offer. Part of the experience is also breakfast in one of the 5 surrounding businesses!

Booking: https://www.anybody.cz/pokoje/casino-fatale


Enjoy, discover, experience

Discover, Enjoy Food and Have Fun

Drop by the ground floor for a coffee or a baguette, or enjoy a water pipe and an exotic cocktail in the intricate underground Slast Bar. The ground floor and cellars are dedicated to relaxation and fun!

Relax and admire

For many years the palace fell into disrepair and was inaccessible. After extensive and meticulous reconstruction, we have made it available to the public once again. Let yourself be enchanted by the 20 m high vertical garden, or rent our baroque fresco hall.

Sleep, live, work

Enjoy a night in a completely different type of hotel than you have ever been to! Or rent an apartment or office at the breathtaking Zelný trh in the center of Brno. Of course there is also a beautiful view of Petrov cathedral and Pálava Protected Landscape Area.